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Mindfulness on the Move

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The beauty of practices like mindfulness is that you only need yourself to complete a meditation. Therefore, you can take mindfulness wherever you go whilst enjoying new experiences. When you meditate in a different environment you may notice new things or to be able to use another anchor rather than your breath. This is the beauty of finding out what works for you.

I would like to guide you through a meditation that I completed on a pier in Lake Garda where I was able to integrate not only mindfulness of breath, but also the practice of choiceless awareness. You can replace the external anchors such as sounds, smells, touch with whatever you have to work with.

Begin by closing your eyes or focusing on a comfortable point in front of you

Gentle bring your attention the external world

The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore

The sweet smell of Italian air like velvet through the nostrils

The warmth from the sun on your skin

The chatter of people around you

Let these be your anchor

When your attention strays from your anchor, gentle bring it back

Stay with this for as long as you wish

Coming back to your body, notice the contact your body has with floor

Notice where your hands are placed

Notice your posture

Gently bring your attention to the breath, allowing the cool air from your nostrils to explore the rest of the body.

When your attention strays from the breath, gentle bring it back.

It doesn't matter how many times you need to bring yourself back, just bring it back with kindness.

When you feel ready to end the meditation, gentle bring yourself back.

Give yourself a few moments to re-orientate.

One of the important things that came from this daily meditation in Lake Garda was a sense of gratitude for being able to exist alongside nature and all that it has to offer. Being grateful for the opportunity to be there in that moment. Sounds euphoric and it was. The ability to connect with yourself, people and the world around you is one of the most important aspect of living.

A memory I will treasure.


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