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Clinical & Coaching Supervision

What is Supervision?

  What Supervision includes

  • Understanding the clients and the context in which the supervisee works.

  • An exploration of the supervisee and client relationship.

  • To support the supervisee and ensure they are sufficiently resourced to managing coaching work within their capacity.

  • Reflection and exploration of client work.

  • To include ethical considerations and referral processes.

  • Psychological element of casework.

  • The well-being considerations of the supervisee.

  • Continued professional development.


My Supervision Experience

I have supervised a range of helping Practitioners (including Counsellors, Coaches, Supervisors and Designated Safeguarding Leads) for over 5 years during my roles within the NHS, schools and charities as a Chartered Psychologist. As my experience and knowledge integrates both therapeutic and coaching elements, I can offer a wide array of supervision support for supervisees. 

The most frequent approach I use for supervision is Proctor’s 3 Function Interactive Model.

This is broken into three areas:

§​ FORMATIVE FUNCTION (Learning) – supervision is concerned with developing the skills, abilities and
understandings of the supervisee.

§ RESTORATIVE FUNCTION (Support) – supervision explores and reviews how the supervisee responds
emotionally to the stresses of the work.

§ NORMATIVE (Accountability) – supervision is concerned with maintaining and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the supervisee’s practice work.

To see the many benefits of coaching supervision please click here.


My own research within mindfulness, compassion and stress management allows me to add a further dimension into my supervisor role. In addition to my experience, I have completed the SDS Essentials and Advanced (Level 3) Clinical Supervision course which allows me to be on the BPS Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors. I am also a qualified supervisor on both the coaching directory and counselling directory

Regular Supervision for Counsellors (not trainees), Coaches, Supervisors and helping professions

Regular supervision for those in practice usually takes place on a monthly basis depending on the requirements of your professional body and the number of clients you are currently supporting.

The majority of supervisees usually opt for 1 hour or 1.5 hrs depending on their needs. This can be discussed and reviewed during your sessions. 

Supervision towards becoming a Chartered Coaching Psychologist

As one of the first BPS Chartered Coaching Psychologist in the United Kingdom (currently only 33 Chartered Coaching Psychologist Supervisors) and a BPS Coaching Psychology Assessor, I can also support individuals wishing to seek BPS Coaching Psychology Chartership. This includes offering supervision and guidance on achieving the skills to achieve this status. To learn more see our article on becoming a Chartered Coaching Psychologist


Under supervision for chartership you will receive:

  • Regular standards mapping check 

  • Support for gathering evidence for the portfolio

  • Professional conversation preparation of mock interviews

*Please note that the BPS will ultimately decide if you have gathered the correct evidence and have met the standards to qualify you as a Chartered Coaching Psychologist.

The BPS states for chartership completion supervision at a minimum is required once every three months. However, additional supervision can be requested if required.

Fees/payment options

Counsellors/Therapists/Supervisors/Helping professions - £60 for one hour, £100 for

Coaches/ Coaching Supervisors - £70 for one hour, £115 for 90 mins

Coaching Psychologist Chartership - £80 for one hour, £130 for 90 mins

Block booking payments available

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