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Psychological Support for

Long Term Health Conditions

Following my own diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and experiencing the difficulties both physically and mentally, I began to integrate psychological support for individuals with long-term health conditions (LTHC) into my practice.


Following a diagnosis you may feel a mixture of emotions such as loss, uncertainty of the future and confusion around the changes that you may need to make in your life.  Research has shown that individuals with a LTHC are 2-3 times more likely to suffer with mental health issues than the general population, highlighting the importance of accessing support (Naylor et al. 2012).


Tailored individual support for your needs includes:

  • A safe confidential space

  • Compassionate focused approaches

  • Integration of positive psychology 

  • Chartered Psychologist with a lived experience of a LTHC

FREE course on using Acceptance an Commitment Therapy for individuals living with MS

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