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Client Testimonials

"I came to see Adam to help me with lifestyles changes. I was impressed with the amount of knowledge and free resources that he gave me to help with my progress. I can honestly say I can't rate him high enough. I am now in a much better place with lifestyle interventions I can continue to build on. Thank you Adam for showing me a different path :)"
Amanda T 


"Whilst completing a massive life changing project I started to get anxiety and feelings of failing. At this point I felt that failure was guaranteed. I began to see Laura who not only offered me a compassionate approach towards my difficulties but also helpful strategies for when I am feeling overwhelmed. After 6 months I can report that I have successful finished my project armed with strategies for any future difficulties. I can't thank you enough Laura for helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life".


"I came to see Laura after a difficult family breakdown that had been ongoing for years. I had felt completely worthless and and racked with guilt over the situation. Laura supported me with a compassionate approach whilst helping me reach a positive place with the key concept of working with what you can change rather than what you can't! Thank you Laura, your help has been life changing :)"


"After a few difficult months I decided that I wanted to implement some positive changes into my life. I had struggled with anxiety on and off for many years and came to Laura for  blend of counselling and coaching support. Laura helped me to feel normal, whilst offering techniques to manage the anxiety and work on embedding boundaries into my everyday life. Thank you Laura, I feel in a much better place allowing me to move forward".

Molly S


"I came to Laura feeling anxious with a lack of confidence. However, from the first session I felt comfortable, safe and positive. I worked with Laura for two months and feel that I am now equipped with the necessary skills to deal with future issues".


"After a difficult period last year, I decided for my new years resolution that I'd finally get some help. My main issue was with negative thought processes and a lack of confidence for a career change. Laura used all her studies and experience and helped instantly. I was surprised at the range of skills Laura was able to offer ranging from help with my CV to cognitive behavioural changes. She created a safe, non judging environment and wished I sought out help sooner. Massive thanks to Laura, I feel I have my positive life back". 


"I have seen Laura for the past two months for lack of confidence and stress in my life. Laura made me feel relaxed and comfortable which enabled me to be honest and open about how I was feeling. I have come away with skills and techniques on a weekly basis that I can use in my everyday life to help manage my issues in a more positive way. Very thankful that I found Laura and would highly recommend her".

Kerry, Hinckley


"I went to see Laura because I was feeling overwhelmed in my personal life and I wanted to try and work through it in a more holistic way. Laura helped me to do this by teaching me mindfulness techniques that I can use in everyday life. Thank you for your support".

CB, Warwick 

"I was very pleased with the level of service. Laura helped me through a particularly difficult time. I found her to be kind, compassionate and considerate. I highly recommend her."   


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