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Business Consultation Services

Needs Assessment

A thorough assessment of needs using self-report measures, one-to-one discussions and observations to explore and identify needs of the business. This assessment will offer a pathway towards a workable plan of action.

Executive Coaching

A service to support an exploration at an organisational level. This includes mentoring and skill development with a solution focused approach creating a wider positive impact within the team.

Employee Well-being

One-one or group interventions for employees to support well-being and reduce stress. Research-based interventions include (but not limited to) solution focused and compassion focused approaches.

Individual Development

A tailored approach for individual development. Areas include stress management, motivation, resilience, conflict management, interpersonal skills training, making transitions and health and lifestyle coaching. 

Business Coaching

A service to support businesses improve performance through learning and development. Areas include decision making, confidence building, managing conflict, change and effective interpersonal skills. ​

Group Development

Providing workshops in a team setting to support areas of development. These could include interpersonal skills, resilience, mindfulness training, stress management and health and lifestyle.


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