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Health & Lifestyle

What is Health & Lifestyle Coaching?

I have been a Health & Wellbeing Coach for over ten years. Alongside this role I created Hungry4Fitness a website dedicated to fitness, health and training advice. My primary objective as a Health & Wellbeing Coach is to empower the client so that they can take charge of their own lives leading ultimately to positive changes in behaviour. I provide support and guidance through every stage of the transformative process whilst endeavouring to cultivate self-efficacy, develop essential life skills and exchange functional knowledge.

My area of expertise is centred on supporting individuals who are struggling to implement and maintain lifestyle improvement initiatives. This could include, for example, developing healthier dietary habits, creating and implementing an exercise programme, enhancing general motivation and/or working towards personal aspirations.

The coaching approach I adopted is solution focused which incorporates a multimodal blend of behavioural strategies making for a service tailored to each client’s personal needs.

​Areas of Support

  • Develop positive behavioural change strategies

  • Nutritional advice and dietary reform

  • Creating and implementing a personalised exercise regime

  • Managing weight

  • Health screening

  • Motivational coaching

  • Personal training – 1-2-1 sessions and/or 8/10/12 week exercise programmes

  • Achieving ambitions

  • Long term health condition

  • Work / life balance

  • Time management

  • Personal development

How much does it cost?

During our first consultation we will discuss your presenting issues, needs, and goals and to see if there is a good fit between your requirements and what I can offer to help you.​​

For a one hour session, the fee is £50.

Are telephone and Skype sessions available?

We offer telephone, Skype, or FaceTime sessions at the aforementioned rates alongside face-to-face appointments.

When are appointments offered?

We are able to offer appointments on weekday evenings (Mondays to Thursday 5.15 pm to 8.15 pm), all day Friday and Saturday mornings (9.00 am to 12.15 pm).

How many sessions will I need and how frequently?

The number of sessions needed is entirely up to you. We offer short-term or long-term or ad hoc sessions. We aim to help clients achieve their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Most clients opt for regular weekly or fortnightly sessions to make the most out of the process.

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